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About Social Biz Start: Help to Develop Online Presence for Small Business

Welcome to Social Biz Start! Our mission at Social Biz Start is to assist you, entrepreneurs and small businesses, with simple, clear, easy-to-follow information and training resulting in social media and internet marketing strategies tailored to you, your marketing style and your business and industry.

Online Presence for Small Business

Social Biz Start is the online studio for small businesses and independent professionals looking for social media marketing strategies and tools to help grow their networks, customer/client base and profits.

Training to build your business with:

  • Email marketing
  • Web site marketing
  • Blogging for business
  • Social networking and social media marketing


Message from Kate L Williams, co-founder of Social Biz Start:

It’s my personal intention to put my skills and experience at your service as you learn the power of the Internet and social media to grow your business.

As co-owner of a vintage furniture business with most of our marketing, sales and customer service operated with social media and a mobile phone, I’ve experienced how effective new communication tools can be for a small, local business.

I’ve been a teacher and trainer and adjunct university faculty member for the past three decades. In 2000, as the training manager for a high tech company, I could see how rapidly the Internet was growing as a vehicle for learning and business.

And now, these tools are accessible and affordable for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

It has been so exciting to watch and participate in the development of Web 2.0 tools resulting in the amazing connection and communication amongst millions of people all across the globe. This is an amazing “studio” in which to work and play and learn.

Social Biz Start is one of the places where you can participate in the “work and play” of it.

When you understand the benefits of social media and internet marketing for your business, you will want to work here to develop your own online presence and social media strategy, perfectly suited to your business, industry and personal style. I’m sure of it.

Kate L Williams



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