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How to Do Internet Marketing

How to Do Internet Marketing: Get the Internet Basics Right from the Start

You don’t get these basics right by reading about them or even watching a video. You have to DO them–and sometimes you have to get help (teacher, trainer, coach) to take you through the DO-ing a time or two. Get the internet marketing basics right from the start with internet marketing training and practice applying those skills.

Internet Marketing Success

Internet Marketing Success

Internet Marketing Basics

It is essential that you learn how to:

  • Buy a domain
  • Buy hosting
  • Connect your hosting to your domain
  • Upload your files to the Internet
  • Get and use your email program
  • Do some basic HTML editing
  • Install and use WordPress
  • Get started with PayPal
  • Choose and then operate a Shopping Cart
  • Use free tools at Google or Adwords to do keyword research
  • Set up, operate and optimize social media marketing using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

Practice Your Internet Marketing Skills

Here’s some “grandmotherly” advice you’ve heard before: Practice Makes Perfect. Why not leap over the hurdles that keep you from getting started or stall your online business success? Why not get a hosting account (that allows unlimited domains) and put up a practice web site. Get into the c-panel and play around just for the practice, without the pressure to make money online now?

Getting Started with Internet Marketing

You will need to set up a few key pieces of your internet marketing system to get started with internet marketing:

  • A product or a service
  • A web site and/or a blog
    • A landing page
    • A sales page
    • A thank-you page (and/or download page if delivering an information product file)
  • An email program auto-responder
  • A payment system (starting with PayPal and then adding a shopping cart later, if needed)
  • Traffic strategies

Internet Marketing Training

Internet Marketing Training

If you are looking for some orderly, step-by-step help to get started with setting up the basic systems for internet marketing (or to get started AGAIN with better results), sign up for our mailing list to get our fr*ee guide: Social Biz Quick Start Guide. You’ll also get monthly follow up tips, checklists and internet marketing and social media marketing strategies and plans to add to your small business plan and action steps.

Signed up? Great! Now take a look at our Social Biz Quick Start Membership. You will be amazed at the help you’ll get for an incredible low price (just $9.00 a month). This is a great value: An additional monthly newsletter and a training call, a forum where you can interact with other members and Kate and Daryl, access to a monthly all-clients Q & A call, and lots and lots of practical guidance. Get everything you need to get started without breaking the bank.

We are looking forward to meeting you on our Social Biz Quick Start calls and answering your questions about internet marketing for your business.

To your great Social Biz Start success,

Kate & Daryl

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