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Exterminate the Bedbugs in Your Online Marketing

Alyssa gets eaten alive by mosquitoes every summer, so at first she didn’t think the slew of bites cropping up on her arms and legs was anything unusual. But it didn’t make sense when clusters of welts started appearing on an area mosquitoes never reach — her buttocks. Only then did the 28-year-old Hoboken, N.J., resident suspect something far more revolting: Bedbugs were feasting on her flesh each night while she slept.

It is likely thousands of people (like you) across the Internet have made a similar horrifying revelation in recent months as the wingless bloodsucking “no see ’em’s” of faulty marketing practices have surged with a vengeance, in both online and offline marketing alike. Although your computer system and your blog or Facebook page are just a “stone’s throw” from others in cyberspace, you probably feel alone at first in your fight against the ravenous creatures devouring the flesh of your marketing plan and strategies.

“I became totally paranoid,” said Alyssa, who did not want her last name revealed.”It was a nightmare. I could hardly sleep knowing they were coming out at night.”

Marketing Bedbugs are Mobile Pests

A nuisance to humans since prehistoric times, bedbugs were largely eradicated by pesticides after World War II. They have rebounded because of greater global travel, urban sprawl and pesticide resistance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While they are usually found hiding in and around bed frames and mattresses, bedbugs are quite mobile and can hole up in furniture, curtains, carpet edges, lamps and switch plates.

Like bedbugs, the faulty, even creepy, marketing practices eating away at your business success are able to stow away in blog posts, Facebook updates and Twitter tweets, leading to an “infestation”. You can bring home marketing bedbugs from social networking events that will take a number of steps to eradicate before your marketing efforts are uncontaminated by “bad bugs”.

You need to become aware of these pests. And, that’s not enough.

Within weeks of returning home, Alyssa was wondering aloud to co-workers whether the increasing numbers of itchy red dots all over her body signaled something sinister such as hepatitis or shingles. Remarkably, bedbugs do not transmit any illnesses, though their bites can prompt allergic reactions. Alyssa’s primary reaction, however, was terror, which came when an exterminator announced the verdict after taking one look at her marks and finding a live bedbug in her bedroom. “I never actually saw the live bugs,” she said. “I saw eggs. They look like tiny pieces of rice with a black dot in the center.”

Signs of Marketing Bedbug Infestation

Here are the eggs with a black dot in the center you should be watching for in your marketing:

1. You post to your Facebook profile less than once a day.

2. You post to your Facebook business page less than twice a day.

3. You tweet but you don’t know how to connect with people in person to person conversation at Twitter.

4. You seldom blog–or infrequently blog.

5. You allow customers and fans to post at your Facebook page but they seldom get a response from you.

6. You do a lot of online and social media marketing but you aren’t increasing the number of people who “like” or “follow” you.

7. Even with increasing numbers of “likers” or “followers”, you aren’t seeing an increase in sales of products or services.

8. You are irritated by the need to get online and interact with prospects, customers and clients.

9. Your return on investment (ROI) for all the time you spend online is less than 1.0, in other words, you get less net profit from your efforts (in dollars or other gains) than the time you spend is worth.

You probably don’t need an Internet entomologist to tell you what eggs, mottled bug skin and dark spots or stains on the fabric mean. You need to take steps to get rids of the pests!

To get rid of your marketing bedbugs, you need to follow several steps:

1. Make sure you understand and follow the principles of Attraction and Relationship marketing–and give your marketing messages a check up now and then.

2. Develop a content strategy for your marketing and put yourself on a regular schedule of monthly, weekly and daily tasks. Don’t reinvent the wheel but make one piece of content your source of blog post, email or e-newsletter content, article marketing, audio and video inspiration and distribution, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets.

3. Develop posts and tweets weekly and spend time just one day a week pre-scheduling them for the coming week.

4. Start doing the keyword research you know you need to do and keep a handy list of keywords/search terms and article ideas.

5. Identify the “hot spots” in your blog posts/articles/press releases and use keywords from your list.

6. Set yourself a goal to contact a certain number of new people and add them to your network every week. Request friendship at Facebook; follow at Twitter; add connections at LinkedIn. You don’t have to focus on a large number of social networking sites, not ALL of them. Just pick your number, say 10 new connections a week, and stick with it.

7. Set yourself a goal to have one-to-one conversations with at least one (could you do 2 or 3?) of your social networking “peeps” each week. Use email or private/direct messages and every third connection, pick up the phone.

8. Master the art of the “call to action” and make sure every piece of communication has an invitation or call to action that specifies a next step e.g. “click here for…”, “sign up with your name and email address”, “make your list of 3 things and talk with me on Wednesday”, etc.

9. Track ROI for your marketing campaigns. Know what each strategy and campaign costs your business and what the net gain is to your business.

10. To do all this you need some goals, a plan of action and a schedule with time set aside to look at your stats, evaluate your outcomes and make incremental improvements.

Meanwhile, despite some embarrassment, she [Alyssa] gradually told friends and co-workers, finding relief upon learning they had been plagued by bedbugs, too. “I found it easier to tell people,” Alyssa said. “I had to tell my boss because I needed to take personal time off from work, because I was just going crazy.”

Lasting Effects of Marketing Bedbug Infestation

Bedbug victims can find the mental effects of infestation more insidious and longer-lasting than the physical ones.

To get talked down from the ledge and stay on track with persistent steps away from marketing bedbug infestation and toward clean and simple-to-implement Internet marketing strategies, you will find guidance, advice and support by joining us here at Social Biz Start for our 1)monthly calls for live coaching and Q & A; 2) access to archived calls and call training materials; a member-only forum for 24/7 Q & A and community support.

More information about social media and internet marketing training and tips from Social Biz Start creators, Daryl Lozupone and Kate L Williams…

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We are looking forward to meeting you on our Social Biz Quick Start calls and answering your questions about getting the bugs out of your online marketing.

To your great Social Biz Start success,

Kate & Daryl

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