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5 Ways to Profit from Freebies

Freebies are lovely little, or big, things that marketers give away. Freebies work because most people are willing to take them, or download them. They are your foot in the door. They also work because they add value to a potential purchase – like the free pair of running socks with a shoe purchase.

1. Bonuses – Motivation to Buy

A bonus is something given or paid in addition to what is usual or expected. It’s extra. And we love bonuses because they make us feel as if we’re getting more for our money. As a marketer you can use bonuses to motivate a purchase.

As a marketer and a consumer, you’re likely familiar with bonuses. At the supermarket bonuses are the buy one get one free type promotions. They’re also the free bottles of lotion strapped to the large bottles of soap or vice versa.

They’re essentially a tool to motivate you to buy and you can accomplish the same thing when you’re marketing and selling to your prospects and customers.

2.  Partnerships – Increased Awareness

A partnership is an agreement between two people that ideally benefits those two people, or businesses. Partnerships are great for creating and using freebies to profit. In internet marketing and certainly to profit from freebies, it helps if your partner is in a relevant but not competing business.

For example, if you own an affiliate website on camping gear a relevant and potentially profitable partner would be an information website on campgrounds in the United States, or even in your own home state.

3. List Building – Email Marketing

It is often said in internet marketing circles and in fact in retail, offline businesses as well, that the money is in the list.

This means that your email list is worth its weight in gold. Each person on your email list is a qualified prospect – someone who has expressed an interest in receiving information from your business.

List building, therefore, is often a primary and ongoing marketing and promotion strategy. Marketers spend a lot of time, effort and money on building and marketing to their email list. It is after all, a list of people who have expressed an interest in your business products or services and have said “yes, please contact me via email with your information.”

One of the most popular tools to build an email list, aka an opt-in list, is to give something away to entice a sign up. This is where your freebies come in.

Top Notch Freebies have the ability to not only build your email list, they can also sell you, your brand, your business and of course your products or services.

4. Viral marketing – Traffic

 Viral marketing is essentially something that gets passed from person to person, like a cold. It’s viral. However, as a marketing tool viral marketing usually entails something that can be downloaded like a video or a report.

Why do you want to use viral marketing?  Because when something generates a lot of attention, you receive a ton of traffic to your website or web page. Now imagine you create a freebie report and it goes viral. Inside the report you place a link to your website. This link leads to a sales page, an opt-in page or some additional information like a review that promotes an affiliate product.

The result?


The key to Viral Marketing is to create something that creates a very strong reaction in your users. Your users should have such a strong emotional reaction to the content that they instinctively want to pass it on.

5.  Value – Community

Finally, you may have noticed that many successful internet marketers have a never ending supply of ‘freebies.’  We’re talking about a regular supply of great downloads. Everything from free books, reports, and of course video and audio too. They even offer free online classes. offers a steady stream of content and information for aspiring romance writers. It’s all free.

 Why do they do this? What’s the value?

Well the authors who write and teach do a good job of subtly selling their books so there are royalties in it for them. They also help establish a community of followers around their name. This provides them name recognition at the bookstore but also lends them great credibility as speakers and workshop leaders at conferences around the globe. These speaking engagements can pay well. Additionally, agents and publishers who teach classes develop relationships with writers and thus may receive their manuscripts. Good manuscripts mean good money for both agents and publishers.

 But what about you?  What’s the value of using freebies to build a community do for you?

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